Shifting the debate on education in Wales

Education in Wales - Our National Mission

The Centre for Education Policy Review and Analysis (CEPRA) was established by Yr Athrofa: Institute of Education in August 2018 to contribute meaningfully to the development and debate of education policy in Wales.

Led by respected educationalist and commentator Dr Gareth Evans, the Centre assumes the role of ‘critical friend’ and exists to support policymakers and all of those with a stake in Welsh education.

The Centre provides a platform for debate and analysis in the field of education policy. It challenges established norms and suppositions, and reflects on the environment in which educators at all levels operate on a daily basis.

Drawing upon expertise at home and overseas, the Centre works with partners across the educational spectrum and promises new thinking on policy themes from curriculum reform to university tuition.

Our considered and constructive commentary is supported by commissioned research and consultancy on a range of topics, and together, the Centre’s knowledge-transfer activities add new depth to the discussion of education in Wales.

‘It is often said that these are exciting times to be involved in Welsh education – and the Cabinet Secretary’s bustling in-tray is proof there are major changes afoot.


‘But education policy cannot be developed or implemented in isolation, and whole-system change requires honest appraisal and the input of a broad range of stakeholders.


‘Constructive comment and critique of contemporary issues is healthy and we welcome the opportunity to contribute positively to the evolution of Wales’ education system.


‘Now more than ever, it is important to test what we are doing to iron out potential pitfalls and strengthen our vision for education in Wales. A collaborative effort is needed to deliver successful futures.


‘The Centre for Education Policy Review and Analysis is looking forward to playing its role in Wales’ National Mission to raise standards for all.

Gareth Evans

Dr Gareth Evans, Director of CEPRA